Readathon – #24in48….sort of

The non-conformist in me struggles with organised reading events. The second anybody tells me that I have to read a certain book, or for a certain length of time, my brain rebels and wanders off to seek other entertainment.

24 in 48 is sort of perfect for that. Rather than imposing a requirement of staying up for 24 hours straight, the rules are that you just read as much as you can, over the course of a weekend. The goal is to read 24 hours total, but I will be nowhere near that this time around, and that’s OK.

We’re 11.5 hours into Day 2 here in the UK, and, well, yesterday was a bit of a bust. I blame Tolstoy. I’m loving War and Peace, I really am, but it’s not an easy read – the Kindle percentage calculator ticks by at a demoralisingly slow rate – and so I think I clocked up a measly 3 hours yesterday.

This morning is going better. I switched to Georges Simenon (the first Inspector Maigret novel), followed by Rebecca Solnit’s collection of feminist essays, Men Explain Things To Me. After a couple of hours of solid reading, I’ve finished the former, and am about halfway through the latter.

I have nothing else I have to do today, other than the normal Sunday chores (laundry etc). Even still, I’ll struggle to spend the rest of the day reading – my rebellious brain, again, will distract me with musings on what else is going on in the world. If I can get to 12 hours total, I’ll be happy.

More later!


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