So obviously, almost the second I reaffirm my commitment to writing about books, I descend into a reading slump of epic proportions. Believe it or not, from February to April I did not read a single book. I have no idea why – I could cite pressures of work, changes in my personal life, a nasty bout of the flu (again), the general winter blues, and any or all of these are a little bit true, but none of them really gives the full story. Which is, really, I just didn’t feel like reading, and I felt like writing even less.

One thing that my general reading malaise was good for, though, was hacking away at the TBR pile. In the past six weeks or so I have probably taken 300 books to the charity shop. Most of them I had read; an alarming number I hadn’t. So at least the physical TBR is slightly (slightly!) more manageable now.

As for the rest, I have taken a holiday (which always helps) and I think I’m back into my reading groove now. I did think about abandoning this blog altogether and just starting afresh, but then decided – hey, sometimes life gets in the way, and that has to be OK. So – I’m back. And this post won’t be my last. Yay!


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