Welcome to 2015 – bookish goals

22 hours into 2015, and I have done nothing productive. I’m OK with it. Everyone knows the real new year doesn’t start till January 2nd (right?). I have, however, been thinking today about what I’d like to get out of this year. I’m always a little nervous of making goals and plans public, in case I change my mind or get busy/distracted/bored halfway through – always dangerous to have a public record of grand plans. But it’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone occasionally, and so here they are:

1. Numbers first – read 100 books this year. I’ve done that once before, in 2013; last year the total was much lower – 60 – because of a three-month reading slump, too much time working, and a lot of non-fiction. The challenge is going to be reading more books whilst still keeping up with my non-fiction and classics club aims – in 2013 I found myself reading a few ‘filler’ quick reads in November and December, just to make sure I got to the magic number.

2. Get stuck in to my Classics Club list. I put the list together in November and have only read one so far (Great Expectations); I’m about 150 pages into Bleak House but stalled a bit over Christmas. Listening to Radio 4’s adaptation of War and Peace today made me want to get on with that one, too. Always good to start the year with a couple of light reads (!). But I really need to read at least one a month, to make a dent in the list this year.

3. Read from a wide range of genres, and read at least one non-fiction book a month (on average). This is one of my favourite things about my reading habits over the past couple of years; it’s really only since 2012 or so that I’ve had much interest in non-fiction, but it made up more than half of my favourite new reads last year.

4. Engage more with social media. I started this blog a while ago but have been sporadic to the point of neglect. I’m going to start by trying to post at least twice a week in January. I’m going to try to get better at keeping up with Twitter, too, rather than my current phases of checking every hour interlaced with not looking for a fortnight. I’m also looking for some interesting challenges/readathons to join in with, so watch this space.

5. Be less apologetic about re-reading. With a TBR pile running to several hundred volumes, and an Amazon wishlist of a similar length, I sometimes feel bad about reading something I’ve read before – but I nearly always get something new out of it when I do.

6. Try to buy fewer books than I read. (Quite frankly it’s that, or move to a bigger house.)

They don’t look too scary when I see them written down like that, with the possible exception of 6 (I have a little problem with willpower). I’m actually quite excited to get started! Right after watching the rest of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…


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